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Virtual Reality (VR)

Being immersed in virtual reality is an exciting and wonderful experience. Our team can help demonstrate what's possible and help turn your dream into a reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Have you ever wanted to learn more about what you were engaging with? With augmented reality, you can do exactly that with the screen that everyone already has!

Mixed Reality (MR)

Combining the best of both virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality is the future. Our engineers at Augmentrix will help you unlock that future today.

Your Results

More Effective Marketing

Engage with potential and existing customers in new and exciting ways. Don't just tell them about your vision, show them, engage with them, and inspire them!

Close More Sales

Your prospects will say "WOW!" when you show them how their current situation fits in with your service offering. Show them their future as a reality they can interact with.

Employee Training+

By training your staff in virtual reality, they'll be able to master your processes in a simulated environment, without real-world implications.

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About Augmentrix

Augmentrix was started to help companies excel in ways they've never before imagined. Through the power of virtual and augmented reality, teams can immerse their clients and staff in hyper-engaging experiences that will leave a lasting, meaningful impression.

We are powered by a team of passionate designers and engineers with over a decade of experience in the software development industry. Augmentrix is committed to helping you and your teams create the highest quality, awe-inspiring VR and AR products imaginable.

What are you waiting for? Augment your team with Augmentrix today!

Josh - Founder